Unleashing the Power of AI for M&A: Insights from Industry Experts

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Gabriel Stengel

Unleashing the Power of AI for M&A: Insights from Industry Experts

Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a game-changing force for mergers and acquisitions. In a recent panel, our CEO and Co-Founder Gabe Stengel spoke with industry experts Claudionor Coelho, Chief AI officer for Zscaler, Javier Sáenz, VP of Business Development at Alantra, and Andrea McGuirt, VP and Head of Business Development and Capital Markets at Growth Curve Capital, to discuss how bespoke AI can accelerate various M&A processes for banks, corporate M&A teams, and investors.


The AI Opportunity in M&A

  • “The reality with ChatGPT, with Copilot, with any of these tools is they’re like interns…The more you can guide them…the more they will improve with you.” – Gabriel Stengel
  • “We are currently seeing how we can benefit from third-party data providers and external databases that apply AI to their models and extract useful information from that.” – Javier Sáenz
  • “We are very eager to summarize information, put it onto a PowerPoint, and have a readout to the more senior team members who are not as close to the specific data sets.” – Andrea McGuirt


Streamlining Deal Sourcing with AI

One area where AI is making waves is deal sourcing. AI-powered platforms can identify potential acquisition targets, uncover hidden opportunities, and facilitate data-driven decision-making. By leveraging third-party data providers and external databases that apply AI, firms can gain a significant advantage in sourcing deals.


Enhancing Due Diligence with AI

AI’s potential extends far beyond deal sourcing. As Andrea McGuirt highlighted, AI can streamline due diligence and underwriting processes by summarizing vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently. This allows analysts and associates to focus on higher-level analysis and strategic thinking, accelerating the overall process.


The Importance of Human Expertise

While AI offers incredible efficiency gains, the human element remains crucial. As Andrea McGuirt noted, “Human judgment is going to be critical.  Wanting to look another person in the eye, shake hands and agree to do something special together, that’s not going to be replaceable by AI from my perspective.”


The Future of AI in M&A

The future of M&A lies in striking the right balance between human expertise and AI-driven efficiency. As Gabriel predicted, “10 years from now you’re going to be emailing an AI analyst and asking for the deck or the first draft or the outline of the materials or the target list, and you will be used to getting it in 30 seconds.”

Firms that embrace AI as an accelerant, rather than a replacement for human expertise, will be well-positioned to gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving M&A landscape.


Rogo: Leading the AI Revolution in M&A

At Rogo, we’re at the forefront of this revolution. We’re deploying our finance-specific generative AI solution that understands the way bankers, investors, and financial services professionals work. Our goal is to work with firms to build the tools they need to work with unprecedented efficiency and clarity. 


Join the AI Journey with Rogo

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