Rogo FAQs: Learn More About How We’re Disrupting Financial Research

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Rogo was founded to help financial services firms leverage the power of generative AI technology. To us, this means incorporating the data that matters the most to you and working with firms to develop tailored solutions. Read more below about our edge in the financial services space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Rogo specifically built for finance use cases?

We’ve fine-tuned large language models to better understand the breadth of financial services – everything from M&A advisory to hedge fund investing and private equity / credit deal execution. Our models are trained on extensive financial data. On top of that – we keep our platform up-to-date with completely fresh information. Unlike other models with knowledge cut-offs, Rogo ingests millions of earnings transcripts, company filings, exhibits, investor presentations, and news articles on a daily basis.

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Rogo vs. Other GenAI Tools

Our platform provides the unprecedented level of customization that financial services firms need. Rogo integrates firms’ internal documents like memos, PPTs, and contracts, allowing users to search directly on top of their most important, proprietary info. Users can also export results directly into their firm’s templates, simplifying workflows end to end. Rogo offers custom AI automations, designed to reduce complex financial processes to a few clicks.


Can I trust Rogo’s information?

Trust Rogo’s accuracy, which is 2.42x better than ChatGPT for financial use cases, according to Patronus AI’s FinanceBench – the industry’s first benchmark for testing how LLMs perform on financial questions. (Their work was recently cited in this article.)

Every research result in Rogo is produced with in-line citations for each aspect of the answer, allowing you to audit everything. If Rogo can’t find a source, it won’t provide an answer, thereby limiting the potential for hallucination.

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Is my data safe with Rogo?

Rogo maintains the highest data security standards, coupled with best-in-class cloud security and platform resiliency to protect your most sensitive information. Read more about our safety & security protocols here.

We partner with the providers you already trust to bring state-of-the-art generative AI to your firm, securely.

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