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image of industry expert panel with four panelists and a room full of observers
Unleashing the Power of AI for M&A: Insights from Industry Experts
AI is emerging as a game-changing force for M&A. Rogo CEO Gabe Stengel spoke with industry experts to discuss how bespoke AI can accelerate M&A processes.
ROG Blog Meet the Team 01
Meet the Rogo Team: James White, VP of Sales
Meet James, our VP of Sales! Read more about his love for the outdoors, experience in finance & tech, and vision for Rogo's momentum!
Rogo Morning Brew
Rogo FAQs: Learn More About How We’re Disrupting Financial Research
What is Rogo, how do we differ from other GenAI solutions, and how can we help your firm level up your tech stack?
ROG Blog Meet the Team 01
Meet the Rogo Team: James Checca, Data Engineer
Learn more about James' New Jersey roots, background in financial services, and passion for both cutting edge LLM technology & video games.
Rogo Morning Brew
Rogo CEO Featured in Fundamental Edge AI Roundtable
Rogo CEO, Co-Founder Gabe Stengel participated as a panelist in a discussion about AI’s role in fundamental investing.
Rogo PromptLayer
Prompt Engineering: Tournament Overview and Key Tips
In the wake of last week's prompt engineering tournament, we've compiled several basic tips that can enhance anyone's prompting skills.
Rogo Morning Brew
Rogo Featured on Morning Brew’s Our Future Podcast
Hosts break down Rogo’s mission to disrupt the financial services industry with AI-powered research tool.
Rogo CEO Gabe Stengel - Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway
Rogo CEO Gabe Stengel on Scott Galloway Podcast: First Time Founders
Discover how AI can revolutionize financial services and hear firsthand about Rogo’s cutting-edge solutions.
SCR 20240215 ovza
Announcing our $7M Seed Round
We are thrilled to announce our $7M Seed led by AlleyCorp.