Rogo makes complex financial work effortless. Our customizable platform outlasts any single AI model, adapting to firm-specific use cases and automating workflows from day one.
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You wouldn’t outsource your analyst. Don’t outsource your AI analyst.

Rather than provide off-the-shelf solutions, we collaborate closely with your team to build custom software that solves your specific problems.

Rogo offers a suite of modular, customizable tools that seamlessly integrate into your firm’s unique workflows.

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Connect AI to the data you need.

Use cases

Focused on finance.

If you’re looking to use AI at your firm, you need a platform that works with your data, understands the language of your business, and is specifically adapted to your use cases. That’s where Rogo comes in.

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Find anything.

Search all your internal data as well as our extensive library of 65 million+ high quality sources, including market research reports, SEC and international filings, transcripts, live news, and private company information.

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Ask everything.

Get all the answers you need, supported by auditable citations and robust analysis. Then easily export your work to email, powerpoint, and excel, or visualize your findings in branded charts.

Deep Research
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Do weeks of work. In minutes.

Create well-researched reports that would normally take analysts weeks. Save time on a first draft and go deeper with market research than you ever previously could.

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Delegate the heavy lifting.

Hand off time-consuming routine tasks to Rogo. Then build your automations into recurring workflows.

Integrate data with ease.

Upload and manage millions of documents directly through our API, 3rd party connections, or a cloud solution of your choice.
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